XR Art

Beside web-based interactive art we are experimenting with immersive tech as well: AR, VR and projection mapping.

Our early XR experiments started in Unity3D with Oculus Dev Kit 2 and Gear VR in 2015. Thanks to the recent development of WebXR now we can support a wide variety of VR headsets with a single web app. For our AR works we are using 8th Wall, the market leading WebAR engine.

We regularly host XR workshops and collaborations with fellow artists, please check our 'Collab' section for more info. Or check Tribal Future our projection mapping project.


exhibitions, workshops, club nights and pop-up events
Jun, 2019 - Beach Blanket Babylon
Joypad Superwarehouse
Jul, 2019 - Wimbledon
Agyzur AV Exhibit
Dec, 2018 - Hackney, London
Psychedelic Society
Nov, 2018 - East London
Dec, 2018 - OHH Space, London
Dance Workshop
Oct, 2018 - Biscuit Factory, London
Vero Social
Jan, 2017 - Soho, London
Lights Of Soho
March, 2017 - Dalston, London
Feb, 2016 - City Of London
Data Art