Video Jockey

The webremixer story started in 2009 in London's underground club scene. We first used our interactive experiments for club visuals and art installations under the artist name 'VJ Yourself'.

'VJ Yourself' encouraged the audience to participate in the live mixing. We used a wireless gamepad with intuitive 'gamified' controls, so the mixing was instantly a joyful experience. People were always surprised seeing us playing with a gamepad in the middle of a dance floor, n yeah, even bigger surprise when they figured we were controlling the stunning visuals all around us. So many ecstatic moments when they joined in, and shared their rhythms and 'virtual dance moves' with the party.

In courtesy we named Webremixer's live mixer 'VJ Yourself'.

VJ Yourself

March, 2017 - London
EGX Rezzed
Jul 30, 2016 - London
Science Museum
Jul 30, 2016 - Camden Market
March, 2016 - London
Gamer Disco
November, 2015 - Budapest
Bye Budapest
March, 2015 - Budapest
Chiptune Congress
April, 2015 - Tilos Radio, Budapest
Költészet Napja
Oct, 2013 - Brick Lane, London
Cult Mountain
Aug, 2013 - Shoreditch, London
Digital Shoreditch
May, 2013 - Hoxton, London
100 Years Gallery
Jun, 2010 - St Martins Lane Hotel
Vivienne Westwood
2008-2012 - Brick Lane, London
Cafe 1001
2009 - East London
2009 - 2017 - UK / DE / HU
Best Of VJY